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Terms and Conditions

1. Miles or points can be earned only when using your home phone number while roaming abroad.

2. By enrolling you consent to transfer your mobile number to our Partner Networks. Both Partner Networks and Travelling Connect are allowed to remind you of the service when you arrive at your destination country.

3. All parties involved including the mobile operators will protect your data according to the provisions of the Directives 95/46 EC and 2002/58 EC relating to privacy, as well as with the rules of the legislation implementing the directive in the countries where the mobile operators have their establishment.

4. By enrolling you consent that Travelling Connect may send you an email or text message when new participating mobile operators have joined our service. The content of the email or text message will be related to this service.

5. The service is also a subject to the terms and conditions of the loyalty program in which you have chosen to earn your miles or points